如何看待品蔥開設英文專區? 江湖


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通音宽依 “我支持初商末未,你们锦侬卫可以打我了!”

This move will further tarnish the site's already nosediving credibility by promoting Deer Speak (or Tucker Carlson logic maybe) , pro-Falun Gong ideas, conspiracy theories, short-sighted hot takes and Chinese Trumpism to more English language speakers. But they can do all that just by posting on 4Ch and 8Ch.

Did I ever mention multi-site trolls? They'll have a new place to tell the world about the drama between online uncensored Chinese language communities, but mind the notorious link ban!

爱狗却养猫 躺平美人膝

I am gonna cite (and translate) the smart detective Novsky's words here:


This section is not shown on the main page. Those who come with tasks (gasp!) do their job, and the authentic members of the community are hardly disturbed. This is called "Each takes what he/she needs." Admittedly for those who are truly interested in discussing politics in English, it is a little inconvenient. However, most English-speaking countries have no GFW, and online English forums are EVERYWHERE. If you want to discuss politics in English, why come to pincong? (๑◔‿◔๑)

Edit: corrected several grammatical errors. gasp!

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中野梓 不想清楚分析太多真心抑意假

@爱狗却养猫 #136614

If you want to discuss (real) politics in any language, DO NOT go to pincong.

Provident 溫和台派 看見品蔥的姨粉太多 質量太差 就到了2047 支持台灣獨立 但不支持姨學的民科獨立分裂理論 討厭國民黨和共產黨 但寬容反共統派 不排斥統派

Some people in pincong believe that people in China are stupid and don’t deserve democracy and human rights.However,human rights organisations such as amnesty and hrw, freedom house don’t accept these ideas. And they support the Japanese imperial army and conspiracy of Trump supporters, so people in western countries don’t believe and back up to them.

Sorry conspiracy theories of trump supporters

For western countries, there’s lots of online forums, for instance, Reddit, stackoverflow, 4chan and Quora. However, if you support trump and disdain ‘leftist’,go to there. But I think 4chan is enough.

开设前:Wumaos can't speak English well. An English page can filter them out.

开设后:All our Engelische is so GOOD

刘慈欣 反共复民



品葱 (钓鱼网站已屏蔽)


Lhermitte 一歪脖子背就痛


钦明方泽忘了密码 习特厚:习近平特别受到人民厚爱

I'm 100 percent consent with you.

Why we should against CCP propaganda

If we want a better future, we need all Indonesian and Chinese to join the battle end racial injustice.

Does Auntology lead to extremism? A response

I'd rather address an English speaking audience with PINYIN than the aboved-quoted Chinglish. They'd understand me better, and I'd be less embarassed.

@钦明方泽忘了密码 #136946

I’m 100 percent consent with you.

消极 (男)消极自由需要积极的个人主义来维护

@葛花A #136690 要让机器翻译少出错,首先得写出良好的中文...

In order to let DeepL do its job well, first they need to learn Chinese writing.

@钦明方泽忘了密码 #136946 你老漏了一個China people do not eat this one condom

@太陽三觀測站 #136957 安全套回收做口香糖


@太陽三觀測站 #136957 这个倒是好英语,显然是在嘲讽口交部。

@欽明方澤忘了密碼 #136964




@消極 #136962 雙 向 循 環

@太陽三觀測站 #136965 内循环

@通音宽依 #136575

promoting Deer Speak

I like the phrase "Deer Speak." I am half tempted to translate some Deer Speak to English. Deer Speak is so deep and mystic that when it is weaponized, can lead to serious symptoms of PTSD in anyone who takes damage.

Here is an example:


With this timeline, At this rate of progress, after indescribable, indescribable, and indescribable, can we expect to see new indescribable?

Attempting to decode this message gives me headaches. Damn.

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@太陽三觀測站 #136957 标题大概是讽刺/派乐迪。


"China people do not eat this one condom" (Chinglish translation of "Chinese people won't take this")

One thing I've realized after I left China is that political parties are not the same as the country. A successful brain-washing technique of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is to equate CCP with China. One example is the song "No CCP, no new China." (It is true, because if there were no CCP there would have been a better China.)

As a result, when Chinese people see a protest against CCP, they interpret it as an attack on China and Chinese people. They will get angry and try to stop the protestors. 

This is disgusting. This is also partly why I stay away from Chinese communities overseas. People in these communities are not physically in China, yet still think like CCP, trying to eliminate any dissident voices in the land of the free. These people are like viruses to the free society and don’t deserve democracy.

@爱狗却养猫 #136974 this is double plus ungood.

@消极 #136979 Hush. Ignorance is strength.

@爱狗却养猫 #136980 War is peace, freedom is slavery. --Just as New Pincong's slogan "品葱的目标是提供一个可以自由阳光地探讨各类问题的中文平台" (Pincong's goal is to provide a platform of discussing all kinds of problems freely under the sun, in Chinese language)

"Free" is Deer Speak for slavery.


@爱狗却养猫 #136984 把中文翻成外文,主要目的是跑类似香港黄丝们所谓的“国际战线”业务。香港人能这么跑,第一是香港人有较高的“国际意识”,第二是香港作为世界第三大金融中心,国际上也能关注。其他人跑这个收效不大。

thphd 2047站长

@爱狗却养猫 #136974

按這個時間軸 可翻译为 At this rate of progress



@thphd #136987 但是可以让学校的问题被国际友人看到啊

@爱狗却养猫 #136983 "Doe, a deer, a female deer..."

@消极 #136988 文章写的好,就算用中文写,人家也会想办法翻译成英文读。品葱那些垃圾用英文写,白送人家都不要。

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英语区还出现了有人自称native speaker/老外,虽然英语有点尴尬,而且汉语说的似乎不错(不过每次使用前都会先注明母语非中文)

@愛狗卻養貓 #136977 之前在學校看到寫的稀爛的文章也是有種想改的衝動


不過我覺得可能『chinese people won't buy this bullshit』會更貼近『不吃這一套』的那種匪氣一點(雖然我也不大確定buy可不可以這麼用,我也只是依稀記得在哪看過這種用法)

@消极 #136986 羅冠聰就是做這個的 他的英語算好的了 不過我覺得他肯定不想去品蔥 怕品蔥的低水平緩則把他逼走

@Provident #137370 应该说品葱对他们这帮人来说,简直是猪队友

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